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Timber & Ivy Home Solutions



About Us

A handyman and gardening service that dedicates itself to inspiring outstanding results in home improvement ventures, of all sizes.

Zeke has experience in the trades for over 20 years - trades which include roofing, carpentry, demolition, painting, damage restoration and light electrical and plumbing. His common-sense approach to addressing complex issues has given him great perspective and allowed him to acquire a vast amount of knowledge in the trades - and connections that have lasted half a lifetime. He also is a talented Project Manager, and has experience in creating estimates and scopes that exceed standards and will elevate your expectations.

Jess has been gardening for over 10 years. If you were to ask her - she would admit that those 10 years would barely scratch the surface in the world of gardening. A natural born bookworm - she has dozens of gardening books - but her passion will always be in ''getting dirt under her nails''. She has many years of experience in small garden design for local climates, and is always excited to show a new client pictures of what she saw at the nursery the weekend before.

Timber & Ivy Home Solutions is proud to belong to the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce - and looking forward to meeting all of you!