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The 101 Grille

The 101 Grille



About Us

The 101 Grille is a fun, fast casual restaurant serving elevated gastropub food and specialty beverages. Most ingredients, dishes, and drinks are scratch made and locally sourced. Come for the flavors, stay for the community!

Our mission is to serve you and your family tasty, nutritious food without limiting your options. We know that every family has a picky eater, and adventurous eater, and everything in between. So we’ve designed our menu to appeal to those who love a simple meal, as well as those who like to try new flavors. When you walk in to The 101 Grille, we make sure that every experience feels like a comforting at-home meal… except you don’t have to lift a finger! We can’t wait to host you.


Pumpkin Ricotta Donuts
Chef Frank
One of our great servers!
The 101 Flatbread
Specialty Angel Food Milkshake
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