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Healthfix, LLC (Reliv International)



About Us

We are the leading global 27 year old Food Science company and the pioneers in the science of Epigenetics. We offer optimal health with our patented nutritional products in the most bioavailable form. With Dr. Carl Hastings, Exec Rank in the top 10 Chief Scientific Officers in the US and Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the discoverer of lunasin soy peptide, Reliv is developing world notoriety. Lunasin turns good genes on and bad genes off and when taken together, lunasin boosts the clinically proven formulas that Reliv offers.

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation feeds over 43K children every day in 10 countries which demonstrates the philanthropic side of Reliv Intl. Currently we ship products to over 360 feeding stations in over 10 countries. Reliv is on the Nasdaq, BBB, DSA and our princilpals sit on the board of the Council for Responsible Nutrition. I'm very proud and honored to represent this company for over 24 years!