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CLEAN by the Sea

CLEAN by the Sea


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Our Mission: To provide a clean and healthy environment to our clients in the seacoast area. Through the use of green cleaning products and best practices we deliver a clean that is safe and sanitary. What sets us apart is our completely customizable services. We are never satisfied unless our customers are.



Happy Monday! How’s your office looking this morning? Give us a call for an estimate. We would love to be your commercial cleaning company.
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Commercial Cleaning Lead
Category: Facilities, Maintenance, and Repair
Commercial Cleaning Lead Family owned green commercial cleaning company servicing the Exeter and Seacoast Area since 2005. Do you love to clean? Do you have management experience? We would love to talk to you! Seeking motivated and dependable team member. Self reliant and can work well with a team cleaning office spaces after hours. Ideal candidate has experience in management and/or more
Contact: Susan Young
Phone:(603) 860-7831