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Town of Exeter - Outdoor Water Ban

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Outdoor Water Ban

Effective immediately, the Department of Public Works and Select Board are requiring town residents and water customers to conserve water and refrain from using water outdoors such as watering of landscape areas and lawns, pool filling and washing down of paved surfaces until precipitation mitigates drought conditions.

The entire state of New Hampshire is in a drought; southeastern part of the state, including all of Rockingham County, is in a severe drought. Low rainfall this spring and summer has created a significant rain deficit of over 9 inches. High evaporation rates during excessively warm summer days have exacerbated the severe drought conditions. The National Weather Service is predicting higher than average temperatures through October.

Saving water for essential uses, such as fire suppression, drinking, cooking, sanitation and cleaning of clothes and dishes is paramount. A temporary ban of non-essential uses such as watering lawns, washing vehicles outdoors and hosing down the driveway is key to conserving water supplies until enough rain is received to replenish water sources. Let the lawn go dormant and use a commercial car wash facility that practices water recycling.

An above average amount of mild rainstorms that allow water to soak in are needed to fully recharge lakes, rivers and ground water sources before the winter. It is unlikely that the amount and type of rain needed will be received to fully recharge water sources. Widespread shortages are imminent if the recharge from rain is not used wisely. The Town of Exeter needs the cooperation of customers and residents to help protect water supplies.

Additional information about current drought conditions, water efficiency tips and drought guidance is available online at and the Drought Management Program.

For more information contact Jennifer Perry, Director of Public Works, or Matthew Berube, Water/Sewer Manager at 773-6157.

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