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Takeout Guys - Woah! 3 fun things to do outside this week

How About A Picnic
As the weather becomes nearly perfect, we're excited to get outside and have fun! Picnics are a great way to grab a dose of vitamin D, hang out with friends and family, and relax! Whether your inside or outside, Takeout Guys delivers to the home, office, gym, or park.
Head to the Beach
We hear the weather is going to be great this upcoming week! Spending the day close to the water, sticking your toes in the sand, and laying in the sun are some of our favorite warm weather activities. After a fun-filled day on the sand, we're certain you're going to be hungry (but not to thrilled to cook). Easily place an order with Takeout Guys and we'll deliver dinner!
Backyard Camping
Sometimes the best adventures are had close to home! Set up an camping trip right in your very own backyard. It's the perfect place to lay out under the stars, but still have access to the ideal bathroom situation. 🤣
Grab some of your favorite grub to make the evening even more special. Order up your local faves and Takeout Guys will deliver!
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