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Online Event 9/15: Thriving with Plexus over 40

Please join me for an online informational event on September 15, 2020 focused on how Plexus can help women over 40 THRIVE and feel our best as we get older. 

Are you or is anyone you know:
  • Struggling with hormone ups and downs. heading into peri-menopause or menopause?
  • Facing additional mental health challenges getting older, including anxiousness, worry, and depression?
  • Feeling aches, pains, and inflammation pop up out of nowhere?
  • Crashing and dipping in energy level throughout the day, or feeling lethargic and foggy?
  • Not feeling happy with the changes in skin and appearance that come along with aging?
If this sounds familiar, please join us and learn how a Plexus routine with all natural, plant based supplements may be able to help.
Please click here to request a link & invite: