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Movie theaters across the country need your help.

Movie theaters like O’neil Cinemas need your support as we continue to suffer from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictive reopening regulations and the continued delays of new movie releases have left theaters with little to do but seek help in the form of congressional action.


Though we would like to open our doors to the public as soon as possible we have two limiting factors. Reopening guidelines in Massachusetts will not allow us to serve food and popcorn at this time which makes reopening impossible. As a movie theater, most of the revenue that we need to support our business comes from sales of concessions with only a small percentage coming from ticket sales. The other limiting factor is the movie studio release timeline. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic shutdown new movie releases have been continuously delayed. Some movies, like the highly anticipated Tenet, have been removed from the release schedule entirely without an updated release date.


Dan O’Neil, Executive Vice President of O’neil Cinemas has this to say on the challenges of reopening, “As many of you know our family has been entertaining communities for over 40 years.  This pandemic has put our future in jeopardy.  Like most theaters and other small businesses, we have been closed down indefinitely since mid-March. Movie theaters are integral to the social, cultural, and economic life of our communities. In addition to being community gathering places, theaters employ so many vulnerable individuals underrepresented in the workforce.


PLEASE take a minute and fill out your info to send a letter to our local legislators to not only #SaveYourCinema but also so many other small businesses that need a saving grace right now. It is also helpful (if you are willing) to share on social media to urge your friends and family to send their support too.” 


On behalf of movie theaters across the country, we are trying to rally support for the Restart Act. The Restart Act is a crucial piece of legislation that will grant seven-year loans to small businesses to cover the next six months of expenses. Without the support of this act, we may not be able to reopen and hire back our nearly 150 employees that had been laid off as a result of the pandemic. Please join us in the #saveyourcinema campaign and show Congress your support for the Restart Act by going to