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You're A Big Deal - Do You Feel Successful?



Helllloooo, friends!
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For some people, the idea of success in business means harder, better, faster, stronger (read: rapid growth, scaling + scaling, building an empire, etc.). 


If that’s you  🙌🏽HIGH FIVE 🙌🏽 all day long. We're cheering for you! And, it's important to know, the way we do life and business is a lot less…intense. 😉


We have profit goals, the desire to grow + big visions to fulfill AND we like to spend time with our families, spend time alone, take long lunches, have fun with our work, rest, prioritize our mental health and play. 


We build space for those things INTO our business strategies because to us, having time + space to enjoy our lives means we are running successful businesses.


Our approach to business, branding + marketing may not fast track “six figures in six months” but if you are building a business + brand that takes into account all your priorities and all different measures of success, we're here for YOU. 


Here are a few other ways we measure success: 

  • Feeling good about your impact
  • Getting excited about your work
  • Being connected to your vision
  • Finding new customers + clients
  • Repeat customers + clients
  • Strength of your community
  • Expansion and scaling 
  • Personal freedom
  • Creative freedom
  • All the freedoms
  • Profit

Do you think about the ways you measure success? Hit ‘reply’ and let us know!


Melissa & Amy 





FOOD: All the cheese from Parish Hill Creamery Peter and Rachel are friends (and recently brand + website refresh clients too) and they make some exceptional natural cheese up in Westminster West, VT. They’re makers, educators, activists and milk magicians. Their cheese is a party in your mouth, every time.


DRINK: Blueberry Boyfriend sour from Prairie Artisan Ales. Tart, wild, funky — things to describe the beer and sometimes our personalities.


BUSINESS: If you’ve met Melissa, you know she is the QUEEN getting sh*t done, efficiently and effectively. If you need a shortcut, she’ll find it (or invent it). She did not invent these Keyboard Shortcuts but we use many of them and they’re definitely a big deal.


PERSONAL: This random fun fact: Font samples often use the "quick brown fox" sentence because it includes all 26 letters in the English alphabet. Three more short sentences which include all 26 letters:

  • Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.
  • The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
  • Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.

What have you been enjoying recently? 

Reply back, we'd love to hear!


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We are so grateful for you!

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We make it easier for you to mind your business.


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