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Annie's Angels - September 2023 Newsletter


Awarded: 2016 Lori Breard Achievement in Leadership Award, 2016 Hampton Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award, 2X TownSquare Media Year of Service Award Winner, 2015 Exeter Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Business of the Year, 3X United States Presidents Service Award for Volunteerism

September 2023 Newsletter! 
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Updates and a Look Ahead - Bill DaGiau
Take Send Out Cards on Vacation!
Annie's Angels Program Information

Updates and a Look Ahead
Bill DaGiau
Consecutive Days of Service -
3/10/2007 - 08/31/2023 = 6019 
Total Requests Filled = 8100 which includes:
Total Angel Pets = 585; Total Service Dogs = 9;
Total Arts for Angels Projects = 576
Does not include 11,000 Teddy Bears to Boston Children's and Dartmouth Hitchcock
Requests - August 2022 = 84 v August 2023 = 87 +3.6%
Requests Year to Date - 2022 = 522 v 2023 = 667 +25%
Distribution $ to Help Families-Year to Date-2022-$227840. v 2023 - $338,951. +49%
Donation $ Raised - Year to Date - 2022 = $449,478. v 2023 = $534,393. +19% 

Our request numbers...STAGGERING, yes; our testimonials...HEARTFELT, absolutely!
Our supporters have donated more than 5 million dollars in these sixteen plus years...AMAZING! Through all this, Annie's Angels has still never said NO to a family who meets our mission and needs our help.

Let me tell you about RM. RM is a double leg amputee on dialysis. RM has no money because he uses the small amount he receives monthly paying bills. He also pays out of pocket for transportation to and from dialysis. The cost per round trip, $218.30. If he doesn't go he will die, it's that simply. Annie's Angels is helping all we can, paying for 8 trips to date. If Annie's Angels has to stop funding this, RM can't afford to go to dialysis.

I'm asking you to help us by making a donation of $20.00 per month to our Angel Fund so we can continue our work, helping people like RM. 

One of the most humbling phrases I get when Angel Families send a thank you is; "I just want you to know, the help you have given my family got me in the right direction and was a huge help." All of our Annie's Angels successes are because of YOU, the Angels Among Us who give generously and give often. Without YOU we are nothing. 

Donate Today!

Join Us for Fun Times and Help Make A Difference!

Cribbage for a Cause at WHYM! Join us this, and every Wednesday (6:30pm - 9:00pm) for weekly Cribbage for a Cause at WHYM Craft Pub & Brewery benefiting Annie's Angels Memorial Fund.
We have been seeing a huge boost in new and returning players, as well as folks who would like to learn the game to enter the tournaments! If it’s something you always wanted to learn, we are all happy to teach!! We play friendly games, (no muggins) and everyone who plays is supportive and helpful no matter how experienced you may be!!
Just $10 per person, a portion goes to Annie’s Angels and the winner takes the pot! Weekly tournament style. Hope to see you there!

Remember, we have never said NO to a family
that needs our help and meets our mission.
Please make a secure donation today!

Annie's Angels is Angel Hands; Angels Hearts
working together to help friends in need.

Angel Pets for Vets
provides companion animals, helps provide service dogs and helps get companion dogs certified as service dogs for veterans through local rescue shelters and the veterans are loving it! To keep this program viable we need your help! PLEASE make a tax deductible contribution now.
Annie's Helping Hands Oncology Program 
Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund established Annie’s Helping Hands in 2012. Annie’s Helping Hands is a multidisciplinary holistic oncology program. Participants of the program are eligible to receive Massage, Reiki and Meditation therapies for up to 6 months. Services are provided by professionals you select and must have specialized training in oncology in their field.
Please contribute to Annie's Helping Hands today!
Angel Fund
We invite YOU to become a beacon of hope for local families struggling financially through the darkness of a life threatening disease, illness or disability, YOU can be a connection neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business and we invite YOU to be part of a caring fundraising network.
Please contribute today!