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Alnoba Events - Vital Tones Is Coming!

Music Series: Vital Tones

Thursday | 9/21/23 | 5pm-7pm

Doors open at 4pm to grab a spot and enjoy a drink from our cash bar!


Join us for our last music event of 2023 with Vital Tones!! A mosaic of unique melodies, creative harmonies, and soul-filling lyrics, Chris Guzikowski, Stefanie Guzikowski and Julie Alexander bring an array of vocals ranging from mellow to mighty and from silky to sultry. They deliver a mixture of Indie Rock and Americana music that leaves listeners longing for more.


Each band member has been in (or still is in) other bands such as Good Will Harding, River Sister, Two Tined Fork, Mike Lewis Band, Crab Shack Band, and Freight Train. If you recognize any of these names then you’ll be sure to love Vital Tones!


This event will take place on the lawn by Alnoba's 1848 Barn, next to the waters of Charward Pond. In the event of rain, we will move the music inside the barn. Cash bar with beer and wine available. Bring your own chairs and blankets and grab a spot.

Address: 199 South Rd. Kensington, NH

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Check out this special message and recorded song sent to us just last week from Vital Tones!

A Special Message From Vital Tones
Vital Tones Song

New dates added for

Kristin Bredimus!

Kristin Bredimus: Healing as a Community

Saturday, September 16th  1pm-4pm

Location: 1848 Barn at 199 South Rd. Kensington, NH




Saturday, October 28th  1pm-4pm

Location: Alnoba at 24 Cottage Rd. Kensington, NH


Please note the location change for the October event


We had a such a beautiful event with Kristin in July and attendees gained an abundance of healing power from the experience. We are excited to offer two new dates as a continuation of our Healing as a Community series. Both events will reflect different spiritual energies occurring on the Earth at that time.. Now is your chance to harness the energy of the earth and cosmos to release that build up of stress and come back into our natural state of being.


Under the guidance of Spiritual Consultant, Kristin Bredimus, we will use methods such as meditation, ritual, and ceremony, and gain new tools that you can apply in your everyday lives and help us heal as a community. This event is for anyone and is the most natural way of finding inner peace through wellness and spiritual healing. We welcome all who attended in July to come back, and we hope new folks will join us to experience this incredibly moving and uplifting event.

Kristin Bredimus - Healing As A Community

Please check out the video highlight above of our time spent together this past July!