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Alnoba - May 2023 Leadership Newsletter


May 2023 Issue

Leadership Newsletter

"There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who ask, ‘What happened?’"


- Casey Stengel -


Dear friends,


The last couple of years have brought so many challenging moments for all of us.  Not only as individuals, but in groups.  Spring marks the time of new beginnings, renewal, and growth and we believe that difficulty and crisis is a window to seize opportunity and emerge stronger.  These moments of crisis become moments of teachings and time to enhance the chance to be better, expose our strengths and weaknesses, and find the moment of truth.  Both for ourselves and for the teams we belong to.


Alnoba, which means “human transformation” in Abenaki, along with Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development is a place for these teams to come and find these truths, set goals, get aligned, make plans, promote leaders, build cultures, learn lessons, be outdoors and embrace the chance to get better. We believe that the power of experiential learning and pushing people out of their comfort zone is the way to achieve greatness and has long since been our proven method.


This marks our 30th year not only as a top resource in New England for leadership and team development, but also in 70 countries around the world.  Great leaders always start with what matters most.  This begins with you!


You can lead from anywhere!


With love and light,

The Alnoba Team


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Alnoba is the top resource in New England leadership and team development. Since 1993, we’ve built up a record of proven results with leaders from 70 countries and over 100 teams. This unique destination with a 14,000 square foot sustainably-constructed meeting space and a vibrant 600 acre property of trails, cabins, meeting spaces, a renowned art collection and a host of facilitated leadership activities supports going deep to find inspiration and transformation for both individuals and organizations. We invite you to join us for reflection, connection and creating change.

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